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Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me, 2014 | by Jojo
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The same month when storyboards came about [for the movie], Miyazaki set off to the ancient forests of Yakushima, in Kyushu and the mountains of Shirakami-Sanchi in northern Honshu [of Japan].
It was just right, the ruins of this ancient forest reflects on us as humans. We need to learn to appreciate what we have left of the environment, and I wanted this as a theme for the animation.” - Miyazaki on his inspiration for Princess Mononoke.

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Forever reblog

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Forever reblog


when u accidentally drop ur phone on ur face.


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Underside of old frying pans by Christopher Jonassen

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Underside of old frying pans by Christopher Jonassen
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J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (via theunquotables)

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"I think that one of these days you’re going to have to find out where you want to go. And then you’ve got to start going there."

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gta 5 looks sick

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to catch a bus you have to think like a bus

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Welcome to the sound of Pretty. Odd.

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And a lovely face it is! I’ll do one after I get home. ;)
You are too adorable c:
You people are too kind (◡‿◡✿)
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1806; day #3 v

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